June 21 Lunation

Executive summary Above is the chart for the new moon on June 21, 2020. The technical term for this chart is a lunation, and it lasts up until the next one. A lunation chart is a subsidiary chart, and so everything in it must be read according to the indicators of the dominant chart forContinue reading “June 21 Lunation”

Cancer Ingress 2020

Executive Summary The chart above is the Cancer ingress chart for Ottawa, Ontario, and thus for Canada. On the inner wheel is the Cancer ingress, and since the Aries ingress chart was ruled by Scorpio, a fixed sign, it continues to rule, with this as a subsidiary chart: thus, the Aries ingress is shown onContinue reading “Cancer Ingress 2020”

June 5 Eclipse

Executive Summary Above, you can see the chart for the June 5 lunar eclipse. Eclipses produce the strongest effects where they are visible; since this eclipse can’t be seen anywhere in Canada, this means that the effects will be fairly muted, especially since it’s a penumbral eclipse: the moon only enters the Earth’s penumbra, andContinue reading “June 5 Eclipse”

Aries 2020

Executive summary The chart above is for Ottawa on the Aries Ingress. The Aries Ingress marks the moment the sun enters the sign of Aries, which occurs at the moment of the spring equinox. This occurred March 19, 2020, at 11:49 pm Eastern Time. Therefore, when I’m writing this it has been in effect forContinue reading “Aries 2020”

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